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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between recovering and reupholstering?

When you recover a piece of furniture, antique or modern, you are replacing the old outer cloth or leather layer with new material, while retaining all of the original padding, springs and frame. Reupholstering entails repairing or replacing any of these damaged structures before installing a new cover.

How can I tell if I should buy a new sofa or reupholster my old one?

If you still like the style, shape and size of your current sofa, think about reupholstering. Next, if your sofa is at least 10 years old and still has a solid frame, definitely consider keeping it. Plus, think of reupholstering as an investment in a good piece of furniture, just as you would have your car repaired. Call or e-mail us about restoring the sofa to its original look or choosing an updated fabric.

How do you reupholster antique furniture?

Actually, reupholstering is better than assuming a new cover will restore your antique chair or sofa. When we take the original cover off, we also check springs, padding, webbing and overall supports. We repair any weak wood and replace any deteriorated materials. According to your specifications, we may be able to restore the piece for its historical value with as many authentic materials as possible.

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